Unveiling the secrets of the hot and energetic Universe

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The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU)

The X-IFU is a revolutionary X-ray spectrometer, one of the two instruments of the European Space Agency’s future space telescope, Athena. It will observe with X-ray eyes, the hot and energetic Universe, a world of clusters of galaxies, black holes, and exploding stars.

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Find out about this revolutionary instrument of ESA’s Athena mission

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The X-IFU Consortium represented at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation

It is a technical event for ground-based, airborne, and space-based telescopes, and their supporting instrumentation. 

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A key design meeting on the 4K Core DM

A key design point on the 4K Core Demonstration Model was held on April 30 at CNES. The main objective was to present the demonstrator’s preliminary design, development plan and test plan, and to check the demonstrator’s compatibility with the recently delivered test cryostat.

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People of X-IFU – Interview with Aurora SIMIONESCU

Aurora Simionescu is co-Principal Investigator for the NewAthena X-IFU project & Research Scientist at SRON, Netherlands Institute for Space Research. In this interview, she looks back on her career and her new role as Co-PI.

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People of X-IFU

"By improving spectral and angular resolutions, with such a large effective area, Athena X-IFU will represent a major step for X-ray astronomy."

Jiri Svoboda

Astronomer at the Astronomic Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

"When Athena X-IFU will be launched, we will see things humans never observed before."

Kazuhisa Mitsuda

Board member

"Once Athena X-IFU will be launched, observation of the sky will be taken to a whole new level. The instrument should be able to reveal the origin of the universe!"

Teresa Mineo

Physicist at INAF

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