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Management tools

These are the management tools used by X-IFU Consortium members. If you encounter any issues when accessing your accounts, please send us an email.


This database contains all the documents related to the Consortium.

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Task management

Some groups have a dedicated workspace on this platform. When relevant, you will be added to the ones related to your activities.

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Consortium database

You can fill in this form at any time if you need to update your contact details.

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X-IFU Logos

Below you can download the X-IFU logo in different formats. As stated in our Terms of Use, the X-IFU logos can only be used by Consortium members.


The X-IFU will be provided by an international consortium led by France, The Netherlands and Italy, with ESA member state contributions from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, with a significant contribution from the United States and a junior participation from Japan.

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