The X-IFU Gazette #16 has been released!

This 16th issue opens with a short presentation of the next X-IFU Consortium meeting #12. We hope all consortium members are registered by now as we are looking forward to seeing you online.

The third X-IFU Working Group focusing on the TES – Detection Chain is introduced by Frank Brachet and Brian Jackson. If you missed the introduction for the other two Working Groups, you can check our previous newsletter.

We, then, have several contributions related to different parts of the instrument. Alice Pradines gives us an update about the cryostat handover to the industry and the processes in place to carry it through. Henk van Weers presents the mechanical vibration tests that the Focal Plane Assembly Development Model is undergoing. Ivan Charles explains how a cryostat will host and test the 2 K core demonstrator model.

Lastly, you will discover a new feature in the X-IFU newsletter: an interview with a Consortium member. Maite Ceballos from IFCA and Project Manager of the Event processor algorithm is the first one to play the game.

Happy reading!


Click to read the X-IFU Newsletter #16


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