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An international collaboration

The X-IFU is being built by an international consortium. It involves 11 ESA Member States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland; as well as Japan and the United States. The Consortium consists of several groups listed below with their respective members.

If you are an X-IFU Consortium member and want to update your contact details, please go to this page.

Please note that only the members of the X-IFU Consortium that have given their consent to appear on this page are listed.

X-IFU Consortium Management Team (5)

X-IFU Consortium Board (14)

X-IFU Instrument Science Center Management Board (7)

X-IFU Project Managers (35)

X-IFU Co-Investigators (46)

X-IFU Science Advisory Team (21)

X-IFU System-Interface Working Group (11)

X-IFU Performance Working Group (22)

X-IFU TES Detection Chain Working Group (24)

X-IFU Calibration Team (20)

X-IFU Consortium Members (275)

X-IFU Associate Consortium Members (19)

X-IFU Affiliated Institutes and Institutions (60)

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