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The X-IFU Consortium Meeting #16 will be hybrid (Toulouse for the face-to-face component).

The overview agenda of the meeting is available here. The detailed agenda of the plenary sessions is available here.

The venue of the meeting is Le Village. (Check out the google map). For lunch, there are many restaurants nearby the meeting venue, close for instance to the Place des Carmes.

A special session dedicated to Rodolphe Clédassou, who died on June 11th, will be organised on Monday 19th, from 5:45 PM onwards (see detailed agenda here).

The splinter sessions of Tuesday morning will take place at the meeting venue.

The splinter sessions (starting Thursday PM) will take place at IRAP, 9 avenue du Colonel Roche. To commute from Le Village to IRAP, there are several options: bus, subway + bus, bus + walk, subway + walk. You should count around 30 minutes in total. Instructions are given on this page.


Registration for this event is mandatory. A link to the registration form has been sent to the X-IFU Consortium members. You can contact us if you have not received it.

It belongs to the Chair of the session to issue an agenda, invite the relevant people and manage with the organisers of the meeting the practical details of their session. If you are unsure about your attendance, please drop an email to xifu at irap.omp.eu.

Social Activities

Social activities are planned along the meeting for those attending the meeting in person.

Hanging out with a beer will take place on Tuesday evening after the plenary session : Here is a selection of bars, pubs, brewery in which you may plan to meet:

The social dinner will take place at the restaurant Mas de Dardagna (Thursday 8 PM). To reach the restaurant from IRAP, you can take the bus to Paul Sabatier (number 78). Instructions can be found on this page. It should talk about 20-25 minutes.

On Wednesday evening, there is the music festival downtown with many concerts everywhere in the streets, bars, etc.

Virtual tools

Zoom access

All plenary sessions will be streamed. Connection details will be made available to all registered participants attending remotely. For the splinter meetings, there will be a combination of zooms, jabra, possible owl webcam. Moe details will be provided in due time.


This is our Slack workspace (please consider registering to engage during the talks) : athenaxifu.slack.com

You will receive an invitation email to join the workspace in due time. For those of you who joined the workspace during a previous CM, you won’t need to register again.


If you have any questions, you can contact us at xifu at irap.omp.eu

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