SPIE Digital Forum 2020

The international society for optics and photonics (SPIE) is organising its annual Astronomical telescopes and instrumentation Symposium. This year, the event is held as a digital forum from 14 to 18 December, 2020. With the exception of some live plenaries, most sessions will be available on demand for registered participants.

X-IFU Consortium members are participating in this event with presentations and posters showing the latest developments of the instrument. You can find them in the section “Space telescopes and instrumentation 2020: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray (Conference 11444)”.

We are listing below all X-IFU-related contributions to the SPIE 2020.

Presentations at SPIE

Session 7: Athena I

  • The X-ray Integral Field Unit instrument: Design and performances (SPIE Paper 11444-27) – Didier Barret, IRAP

Session 8: Athena II

  • The X-IFU focal plane assembly development model integration and first test results (SPIE Paper 11444-28) – Henk van Weers, SRON
  • Frequency domain multiplexing technology of transition-edge sensors for x-ray astronomy (SPIE Paper 11444-30) – Hiroki Akamatsu, SRON
  • Main sensor array detection chain sub-system for the X-IFU instrument (SPIE Paper 11444-29) – Hervé Geoffray, CNES


Posters at SPIE

Session P4: Posters – Athena

Session P17: Posters – Detectors


This article will be updated with the links to the published papers.

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