The X-IFU in a nutshell

The X-IFU key performance requirements are listed below.

Table 1: Key performance requirements for X-IFU

Parameters Requirements
Energy range 0.2-12 keV
Energy resolution: E < 7 keV 2.5 eV (249 μm pitch)
Energy resolution: E > 7 keV E/dE = 2800
Field of View  5’ (diameter) (3840 TES)
Effective area @ 0.3 keV 1500 cm2
Effective area @ 1.0 keV 15000 cm2
Effective area @ 7.0 keV 1600 cm2
Gain error (RMS) 0.4 eV
Count rate capability – nominal bright sources 1 mCrab (>80% high-resolution events)
Count rate capability – brightest sources 1 Crab (>30% throughput)
Time resolution 10 μs
Non X-ray background (2-10 keV) < 5 10-3 counts/s/cm2/keV (80% of the time)

The functional block diagram of the X-IFU.

The X-IFU functional diagram, showing the main components of the instrument. FPA stands for Focal Plane Assembly, FW for Filter Wheel, CFEE for Cold Front End Electronics, WFEE for Warm Front End Electronics, DRE for Digital Readout Electronics, Demux for Demultiplexing, EP for Event Processor, CryoAC-BEE for Cryo-AC Back-End Electronics, RTU for Remote Terminal Unit, ICU for Instrument Control Unit, PDU for Power Distribution Unit.