The X-IFU overall organization



The overall X-IFU Consortium organization identifying the Project Team led by CNES and the X-IFU consortium lead by the PI.


X IFU organization with experts with engineering teams and cnes project team

A schematic of the various teams and boards from the X-IFU Consortium, supporting the X-IFU PI, X-IFU Project Manager ande the project team.


X-IFU product tree highlighting the contributions of the various partner countries. Note that the ESA/CNES/IRAP/JAXA decision to consider the 2K JT coolers provided by JAXA is accounted for in this diagram. Parts of the RTUs may be provided by Czech Republic. A contribution to the X-IFU simulator is considered from Ireland.


Work Breakdown Structure of the X-IFU Instrument Science Center. Only the work package country leads are indicated but significant contributions to the X-ISC are expected also from Belgium, Germany, Poland as well as Japan and the United States.


The functional block diagram f the X-IFU with the expected contributions from the various countries color-coded. The provision of the 2K JT by Jaxa is now in the baseline.