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In this page, you will find X-IFU resources for simulations, presentations, etc. In this page, you will find X-IFU resources for simulations, presentations, etc. Please contact Didier Barret for further enquiries. ESA provided resources are available at this URL.

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Latest X-IFU response matrices

The latest X-IFU response matrices produced by Didier Barret/Edoardo Cucchetti (IRAP) and verified by the Bamberg group led by Joern Wilms, with the support of the system team, including Philippe Peille. These files have been produced for the so-called Athena cost-constrained configuration, with a diameter corresponding to a peak effective area at 1 keV of ~1.4 square meters. The response files cover 50 eV to 12.5 keV but the usual range for the fits should be 0.2-12 keV. Please check the FITs headers to see the assumptions used. Check also the README file, and look at the PDF files. Further information can be found in the SPIE papers: Barret et al. (SPIE, 2018).

The arf and rmf files car be downloaded from this URL.

Please contact directly Didier Barret for any enquiries.

Latest X-IFU background files

The X-IFU background files are produced by the IAPS/INAF group led by Simone Lotti. The files  reflect on the new X-IFU response matrices for the so-called cost-constrained mission configuration. 

The files are available for point and extended sources:

  • an extraction surface of 78,5 arcsec^2 (for point sources corresponding to an extraction radius of 5arcsec)
  • an extraction surface of 1 arcmin^2 (for extended sources)

Please contact directly Simone Lotti for any further information.

The X-IFU functional block diagram

The X-IFU functional block diagram

The X-IFU organization


The X-IFU Organization

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