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07-10-2014 - 2nd X-IFU consortium meeting announcement

Thanks to Luigi Piro and his colleagues, the web site for registration to the second X-IFU Consortium meeting is now open:


Looking forward to seing you in Roma.

16-07-2014 - ESA appointed Science Study Team

ESA appointed today the Athena Science Study Team: Kirpal Nandra (Lead scientist), Xavier Barcons, Didier Barret, Anne Decourchelle, Andy Fabian, Jan-Willem den Herder, Hironori Matsumoto, Luigi Piro, Randall Smith, Dick Willingale. More here

27-06-2014 - Athena formally selected by ESA

ESA has selected the Athena advanced telescope for high-energy astrophysics as its second ‘Large-class’ science mission. See the ESA press release

05-06-2014 - X-IFU Focal Plane Assembly meeting

X-IFU FPA meeting is taking place at SRON.

04-06-2014 - 2nd X-IFU consortium meeting announced

The 2nd X-IFU consortium meeting will take place at IAPS from October 28th to 30th.

28-04-2014 - Athena background meeting

Meeting in Roma (IAPS) to discuss and start organising the work to be done on the X-IFU instrumental background.

05-03-2014 - First X-IFU Consortium meeting

The first X-IFU consortium took place at IRAP in Toulouse (France). The meeting focused on the mission proposal and the organisation of the X-IFU proto-consortium.