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26-10-2015 - Third X-IFU Consortium meeting

On 26th and 27th of October, 2015 IRAP hosted the 3rd X-IFU consortium meeting. This meeting was focussed on describing the project organisation with the new CNES team, the development philosophy, and the activities towards the definition of the instrument specifications. It was also the opportunity for the consortium partners across Europe, US and Japan to present a status of their activities. The meeting was attended by more than 100 engineers and scientists.

Get the agenda here and the group picture.

14-09-2015 - X-IFU presentation at the first Athena Conference

Presentation given on behalf of the X-IFU consortium can be found here.

30-03-2015 - Response and background files uploaded

Resources for the Athena Working Groups for the Athena Science Impact Exercise have been uploaded. See Resources

25-02-2015 - X-IFU Consortium Board Meeting

The X-IFU Consortium Board Meeting will take place at IRAP on Feb. 25th. It will include the full board with Japanese and US representatives. This is the Agenda.

07-10-2014 - 2nd X-IFU consortium meeting announcement

Thanks to Luigi Piro and his colleagues, the web site for registration to the second X-IFU Consortium meeting is now open:


Looking forward to seing you in Roma.

16-07-2014 - ESA appointed Science Study Team

ESA appointed today the Athena Science Study Team: Kirpal Nandra (Lead scientist), Xavier Barcons, Didier Barret, Anne Decourchelle, Andy Fabian, Jan-Willem den Herder, Hironori Matsumoto, Luigi Piro, Randall Smith, Dick Willingale. More here

27-06-2014 - Athena formally selected by ESA

ESA has selected the Athena advanced telescope for high-energy astrophysics as its second ‘Large-class’ science mission. See the ESA press release

05-06-2014 - X-IFU Focal Plane Assembly meeting

X-IFU FPA meeting is taking place at SRON.

04-06-2014 - 2nd X-IFU consortium meeting announced

The 2nd X-IFU consortium meeting will take place at IAPS from October 28th to 30th.

28-04-2014 - Athena background meeting

Meeting in Roma (IAPS) to discuss and start organising the work to be done on the X-IFU instrumental background.