The X-IFU Gazette #11 is online!

The 11th issue of the X-IFU Gazette has been released! This issue of the X-IFU newsletter will come back to the Instrument Preliminary Requirement Review (IPRR), which the X-IFU successfully completed on April 11th, with the joint ESA-CNES review board meeting held at ESTEC. This success has been a major achievement by the team, but now, time has come to take on the actions identified by the review panel. Thien Lam-Trong will come back with his take on the actions to be carried out. At the end of the day, this is the tax-payer money which enables us to fund the ambitious project that X-IFU is. This is why we need to explain to our citizens what the X-IFU is, which unique science it will address, what it is all about. A short movie introducing the X-IFU has just been released on the social network world wide, together with a press release announcing the success of the IPRR. Morgane Hébert will present the overall approach followed in the X-IFU movie. To close up the IPRR process, the 9th Consortium meeting was held in Grenoble between April 15th and 18th: I will summarize the main outcome of the meeting in my article later. As of May 13th, Vincent Albouys was appointed as the new X-IFU Project Manager. I wish a warm welcome to Vincent, who will introduce himself in this issue. We are now actively preparing the X-IFU 2019 Cuvée. I will provide you with some information in this newsletter. Finally, the X-IFU relies on a strong contribution from our NASA colleagues. Rich Kelley will present the overall US contribution to X-IFU, and introduce himself at the end of the newsletter. Didier Barret X-IFU Principal investigator