X-IFU presence at the SPIE

The Cryogenic AntiCoincidence Detector for ATHENA X-IFU: a program overview - Dr. Claudio Macculi The Cryogenic AntiCoincidence Detector for ATHENA X-IFU: preliminary test and data analysis of the new “bridges-suspended” single pixel - Dr. Matteo D’Andrea Microcalorimeter pulse analysis by means of principle component decomposition - Dr. Cor P de Vries TES pixel parameter design of the microcalorimeter array for the x-ray integral field unit on Athena - Dr. Stephen J Smith Implementation and fabrication considerations of an optimal hybrid array for the Athena X-ray Integral Field Unit instrument - Dr. Simon R Bandler The impact of crosstalk in the Athena/X-IFU instrument on the GRB/WHIM science case - Dr. Roland H den Hartog Performance assessment of different pulse reconstruction algorithms for the Athena X-ray Integral Field Unit - Mr. Philippe Peille X-Ray absorption spectroscopy on test thermal filters for the ATHENA X-IFU detector - Prof. Marco Barbera The Athena/XIFU filter wheel - Dr. Enrico Bozzo Gain stability with no-feedback-loop developed for the X-IFU/Athena readout chain - Dr. Damien Prêle Updates on the background estimates for the X-IFU instrument onboard of the ATHENA mission - Dr. Simone Lotti The Athena x-ray integral field unit - Dr. Didier Barret The mechanical and EM simulations of the CryoAC DM for the ATHENA X-IFU - Mr. Dario Corsini The focal plane assembly for the Athena X-ray Integral Field Unit instrument - Dr. Brian Jackson Preliminary thermal architecture of the X-IFU instrument - Dr. Ivan Charles X-IFU Instrument: technical challenges and preliminary design - Mr. Thien Lam Trong Conceptual design of the X-IFU instrument control unit on board the ESA Athena mission - Dr. Leonardo Corcione TESSIM: A simulator for the ATHENA X-IFU - Prof. Jörn Wilms Observing the WHIM with ATHENA - Prof. Jörn Wilms Optimising the multiplex factor of the frequency domain multiplexed...

Releasing the official X-IFU logos

The official X-IFU logos are available from the X-IFU web site, under RESOURCES.

Latest X-IFU response matrices

The latest X-IFU response matrices produced by the Bamberg group led by Joern Wilms can be found here. These files were kindly provided by Thorsten Brand and Thomas Dauser, based on the mirror effective area data provided by Dick Willing, Tim Oosterbroek, Dave Lumb. The documentation is available here (the assumptions used to create the response matrices are described in that document). The latest X-IFU response matrix derived from the so-called as proposed configuration can be found here. While the matrix extends to energies below 200eV, please do not use the range below 200eV for fitting. Note that this is the matrix that you must use, as the large mirror configuration is currently being studied. Obsolete: As a result of the ESA CDF analysis, the effective area of the mirror was reduced to about 1.37 m2. You will find the response matrix corresponding to this baseline CDF configuration here. This matrix is currently obsolete, as the small mirror configuration is for the time being no longer considered. Please contact directly Joern Wilms for any further information.

Latest X-IFU background files

The preliminary X-IFU background files were produced by the IAPS/INAF group led by Simone Lotti. You may want to use these files to estimate the impact of the reduction of X-IFU effective area on your science. The documentation is available here and recipes to make new background files here, using the XSPEC model for the diffuse emission. The files are available for: an extraction radius of 5 arcsec (for point sources) an extraction radius of 1 arc minute (for extended sources) Please contact directly Simone Lotti for any further information.

The official X-IFU logos in various colors (released 11/01/16)


The Athena mission proposal


The X-IFU functional block diagram (v1.21)


The X-IFU work breakdown structure (v2.0.9)