Athena background meeting

Meeting in Roma (IAPS) to discuss and start organising the work to be done on the X-IFU instrumental background.

SPIE 2014 papers

The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) for Athena - Ravera et al. and the accompanying talk can be downloaded here The DRE, the digital readout electronics for Athena X-IFU - Ravera et al. The Cryogenic AntiCoincidence detector for Athena: the progress towards the final pixel design - Macculi et al. Background simulations for the Athena X-IFU instrument: impact on the instrumental design - Lotti et al. Requirements for the detectors and read-out of Athena X-IFU - Den Hartog et al. Towards Mo/Au based TES detectors for Athena/X-IFU - Fabrega et al. Baseline design of the thermal blocking filters for the X-IFU detector on board ATHENA - Barbera et al. Athena end-to-end simulations - Wilms et al.